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Excel COM : selecting a cell and recover sheet name

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Tonton Luc

FRANCE (Le Touquet)
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PostPosted: 19 Sep 2017 7:44    Post subject: Excel COM : selecting a cell and recover sheet name Reply with quote


Here is my following VP 7.3 code and all works fine.


    onFileOpen(_Source, _MenuTag):-
        if string(Excel) = registry::getValue(registry::classesRoot,@"\Excel.Application\CLSID","") then
            CLSID = guid::toNativeGuid(Excel),
            IUnknown = comCreation::createInstance(CLSID, iDispatch::iid),
            IDispatchExcel = uncheckedConvert(iDispatch,IUnknown),
            excel := comDispInterface::new(IDispatchExcel),
            excel:setProperty("Visible", comDomains::boolean(true)),
            comDomains::iDispatch(IDispatchWorkbooks) == excel:getProperty("Workbooks"),
            workbooks := comDispInterface::new(IDispatchWorkbooks),
            workbooks:invokeMethod("Add",[comDomains::integer(1)]), % create a new Workbook with 1 sheet
            comDomains::iDispatch(IDispatchWorkSheets) == excel:getProperty("WorkSheets"),
            feuilles := comDispInterface::new(IDispatchWorkSheets),
            feuilles:invokeMethod("Add",[comDomains::null,comDomains::null,comDomains::integer(3)]), % add 3 sheets before the active sheet
            Nb_feuilles = feuilles:getProperty("Count"),
            note("Nb_feuilles = ",toString(Nb_feuilles)),

            comDomains::iDispatch(IDispatchSelection) == excel:getProperty("Selection"),
            selection_excel := comDispInterface::new(IDispatchSelection),

            comDomains::iDispatch(IDispatchCellule) == selection_excel:getProperty("Cells"),
            cellule := comDispInterface::new(IDispatchCellule),
        end if,
    onFileOpen(_Source, _MenuTag).

1) how to select a cell ?

2) how to recover the active sheet name ?

3) how to add a sheet AFTER the active sheet ?
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