ActiveX TLB error

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Tonton Luc
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ActiveX TLB error

Unread post by Tonton Luc » 20 Nov 2013 13:32


I try to create a com component from PDFConverter *.tlb and when I compile I've this error :
error c504: The expression has type 'comDomains::variant', which is incompatible with the type 'comDomains::comVariant'
In :

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clauses     getPreferenceEx(ComNType, Value /*error here*/) = VipHR000 :-         try             Value = implementation_fact:iApp_getPreferenceEx(ComNType),             VipHR000 = winErrors::s_ok         catch TraceId do             VipHR000 = catchHandler(TraceId)         end try.
In iApp_native_binary.i :

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predicates     getPreferenceEx : (core::integer16 NType, comDomains::comVariant HResult) -> core::hResult HResult procedure (i,o) language stdcall.
In iApp_import.i :

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predicates     getPreferenceEx : (core::integer16 NType) -> comDomains::variant Value.
In :

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clauses     getPreferenceEx(NType) = ReturnValue :-         [comDomains::variant(ReturnValue)] = invokeMethodWithOutput("GetPreferenceEx", [comDomains::in(comDomains::short(NType))]),         !.     getPreferenceEx(_) = _ :-         com_exception::raise_wrongNumberOfOutputVariables(classInfo, predicate_name()).
In iApp_impl.i :

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predicates     iApp_getPreferenceEx : (core::integer16 NType) -> comDomains::variant Value.
How to solve this error ?

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Thomas Linder Puls
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Unread post by Thomas Linder Puls » 22 Nov 2013 20:42

The generated code is wrong :-(.

However, since you are using the component you don't need the _export and _impl interfaces and classes at all (except if there are any event interfaces).

So you can simply delete (first rename) the export folder and remove the package from the project.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls

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Unread post by drspro2 » 12 Sep 2014 11:24

my ActiveX webbrowser also suddenly closes itself on certain systems and an AxtiveX error message of the underlying WIndowsOS appears, should i try the silent mode? also I use the Window SetState Maximized, maybe that is causing the problem,

I will be investigating more to find what causes the problem.

Should this ActiveX webbrowser control theoretically run on all windows systems? also when Remote desktop on windows server 2012 or higher is used?




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