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New SplitterControl

Posted: 12 Jan 2013 9:36
by David Snook
I'm wondering if it's possible to add splits dynamically using the new splitterControl in VP7.4?

I've done some testing and can remove a split but am not able to add one back.

I'm creating a complex GUI using several window panes in a split window environment. My first choice was trying the new splittercontrol and docking system but I need to manage the splits dynamically. Since I wasn't able to achieve this I went back to the older vpiSplitwin system but am having trouble getting it to accept formwindows being set to the panes even when using the childwindow class. Among other control types I'm trying to use the new treeControl.

If someone knows if the new splittercontrol can be used dynamically please advise.


David Snook