ProDir is not working. I need some ones help

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ProDir is not working. I need some ones help

Unread post by umas » 2 Apr 2012 6:47

I have been created a new sample project using Visual Prolog 7.3. I need to prepare document in the format of .chm file. I am using the ProDir.exe to prepare such document. I used the following command options with that exe.
-e prodoc-err.log
-d SampleForProDir
-o Documentation
-b SampleForProDir/packSampleForProDir.htm
-db sample.dba
-mpj pfc.mpj
The ProDir.exe created some .htm, .hhc, .hhp, .hhk & .dbh files. But the .chm file is not created. Also I have seen a root file in the name of 'index-hhc.htm'. When I am opening that file, i can see two frames in browser. The leftside one have the indexes. The right side one shows 'packSampleForProDir.htm'. Whenever i tried to click the index, that corresponding contest is displayed in the same frame, not in the right side one.

Already I posted one regarding this issue. But I didn't get any reply. Please do this needful. I should be implement this into my project.

I am using the browser IE8.......
Uma S

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