Hidding list items?

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Hidding list items?

Unread post by jaelharrup » 5 Mar 2012 13:30

Hallo VIP members,

I am very new to visual prolog and i am using VP7.3 personal Edition.

I am learning to work with listbox for the first time today.I need help on the following:

1. Can a listbox be used to make an interactive dialog. if so how can i make it interactive?

2.How do i list items in list box such that when it is executed i can see the items.

3. is it possible to hide some of the items in a listbox while displaying only one item in the listBox at a time, while hiding other items and only displaying them once a user ?

4. is it possible to list a number of questions in a listbox, then ask one question at a time?

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