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Memory Profiler

Posted: 22 Jun 2020 0:20
by choibakk
Hi Thomas,

Two Issues I think I've found. I've tested on both builds 904 and 906 with the same results:

Issue #1. My chess program is designed using the philosophy "first make it work flawlessly, then make it fast". In chess there is a chess routine commonly called "PERFT" that tests resulting possible node counts at "N"-depth. NADYA2.0 chess is calculating only about 100k NPS (Nodes per second). Your compiler is fast enough, that with my own code optimization I know I can improve that significantly.

So I wanted to start looking at the profiler to determine areas that can be made more efficient. I added the necessary profileMemory calls and create the necessary "*.vipmp" file. Then launch the tool from the IDE and it shows the first graph successfully. However, if I try to "add" a graph and click on ANY displayed options, the Memory Profiler program goes off and never returns--even if I only calculate to a depth of 1 on a starting chess board (a grand total of 20 nodes), I have to kill it from task manager, so I am unable to review any results.

Issue #2. Spaces in either the project path -or- the actual file name (i.e. c:\work\my project\my project.vipmp). In this case the Memory Profiler displays 5 or 6 error message boxes, and displays nothing. This is easy to work around since I just change the output file to anything like: "c:\work\my_project\my_project.vipmo". I also tested for long file/path names (i.e. > 8.3) and that works just fine.

Thanks for all your work!

Re: Memory Profiler

Posted: 22 Jun 2020 11:50
by Thomas Linder Puls
Thank you, we will look at it.

Re: Memory Profiler

Posted: 13 Oct 2020 2:02
by choibakk
Hi Thomas,

I'm planning on releasing my first public version of NADYA2.0 Chess to the chess community, in late November to compete against other chess engines. I read in other posts you don't provide release dates, and for my commercial software, I do not either. But hoping the next update has the profiler working :-) . So just bumping this thread in case you can squeeze it into the next release.

P.S. Once, I post it on the chess competition site, anyone will be able to download NADYA2.0, and it has its own console GUI interface for stand alone play against humans. The chess community knows it is written in Visual Prolog--and as far as I know it will be the first serious Prolog chess engine to enter competition since the 80's.