Tab Forms and VP9

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Mike Wernicki
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Tab Forms and VP9

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In Tyros 7.4 an example is given on how to insert a tab control. It uses the Yale Key in the Visual Editor. When I use the Yale Key in VP9, a number of selections are presented; however, none is the tab control. I would appreciate a hint on what is necessary to insert a tab control in VP9.

An example of a tab control is given with VP9 but this doesn't include how to place it from the Visual Editor.
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Thomas Linder Puls
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Re: Tab Forms and VP9

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The choices in in the "yale key" depends on what is present in the project. In earlier days the tabControl would be present by default, but now you will have to add it explicitly:
  • locate $(ProDir)\pfc\gui\controls in the project tree
  • Right click the node an select Add.. in the context menu
  • Browse to the tabControl folder
  • And add tabControl.pack to the project
After you have build the project, the tabControl should should be among the choices.
Regards Thomas Linder Puls
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