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VIP 8 & 9 differences - move Class/interface for dialog

Posted: 9 Apr 2020 15:29
by Harrison Pratt
With VIP 8x one could right-click on a dialog's class in the project tree and use the context menu to move the .cl, .pro, .dlg files to a new package. The .i file for the dialog could be moved similarly in a separate similar operation.

Win VIP 9x the Move Class/Interface context menu moves the .cl, .pro and .i files but not the .dlg file.
There is no context menu option to move the .dlg file.

If I want to move the .dlg file I need to edit the .pack files for the "from" and 'to" packages and move the .dlg file using Windows Explorer.

This will be a significant impediment to someone who isn't already familiar with package file structures as well as being an annoyance to those who are familiar. :-(