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Inheriting a presenter

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 9:49
by Martin Meyer
Hello Thomas,

please have a look at below code example. In my try it has output <childObj 00853FE0> (in build 902). But when changing the order of the interfaces in the supports qualification, it outputs This is an objA.

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interface objA     [presenter] end interface objA   class objA : objA end class objA   implement objA   clauses     presenter() = presenter::mkNoExpand("This is an objA", This).   end implement objA   %===   interface objB end interface objB   class objB : objB end class objB   implement objB end implement objB   %===   interface childObj     supports objB, objA  % try changing it to: supports objA, objB end interface childObj   class childObj : childObj end class childObj   implement childObj inherits objA, objB end implement childObj   %===   implement main   clauses     run() :-         Obj = childObj::new(),         stdIO::write(string::present(Obj)).

Re: Inheriting a presenter

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 10:59
by Thomas Linder Puls
That is a bug, we will look at it. Thank you.

(Currently, you will have to put the presenter interfaces first in the supports).