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json DOM

Posted: 8 Feb 2017 21:38
by augustinharrison
is the DOM for json available to visual prolog so that i can map the recursive structure required
to break down the levels in the json objects i will be parsing? the breakdown of the 7 types is
good but i have some extensive nested examples to figure out. i will look at the java DOM json reference to get started.

the rpc/json project is a great deal of help to get going, Thanks!!!


Posted: 9 Feb 2017 13:07
by Thomas Linder Puls
The domain json::jsonValue can represent any JSON value. You should notice that a JSON object is basically represented as a Visual Prolog mapM{string, jsonValue}.

I.e. a map from the keys to the jsonValue that is attached to the key (if any).

If you are not familiar with maps (sets and other collections) you should read the Collection library tutorial.