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Free parameter error

Posted: 22 Dec 2016 15:29
by Martin Meyer
Hello Thomas,

using the workaround you have given in Problem with Comparing Trees I have come upon another problem. The below code demonstrates it (in VIP 7502). It throws error c353 : Free parameter '@Type' is used in type expression.

Merry Xmas to you and all

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interface myDomains{@Type}     domains         domain = workaroundDomain{@Type}.         workaroundDomain{T} = dom(T Value). end interface myDomains   %======   interface obj{@Dom}     domains         useDom = @Dom. end interface obj   %---   class obj{@Dom} : obj{@Dom} end class obj   %---   implement obj{@Dom} end implement obj   %======   interface myObj     supports obj{myDomains{symbol}::domain} end interface myObj   %---   class myObj : myObj end class myObj   %---   implement myObj     inherits obj{myDomains{symbol}::domain} end implement myObj

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 15:55
by Thomas Linder Puls
An "extension" of the previous bug you reported.. They are both solved in our internal "current" version, but hat does of course not help you.

Again, the best I can offer is a workaround:
Merry Christmas to you too.

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 21:43
by Martin Meyer
Thanx Thomas for the info!

I wish I had your internal current version. Would you let me buy it as a preview at the same (upgrade-) price as the upcoming release with the option to download the upcoming release for free when it's ready? It would make sense if the preview version is working as long as I don't use new features. (To be clear: In the unlikely case that you never release a next version I don't want money back.)

Posted: 27 Dec 2016 17:06
by Thomas Linder Puls
I am afraid that that is rather difficult to handle so I will have to say no.