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Next version of Visual Prolog

Posted: 14 Oct 2016 18:27
by CalmoSoft
Hello Thomas,

When vill be the next version of Visual Prolog?
Thank you very much.

Gal Zsolt
(~ CalmoSoft ~)

Posted: 16 Oct 2016 14:48
by Thomas Linder Puls
As soon as it is ready ;-).

I would have liked to say "now", but we unfortunately our latest invention in the debugging area gives a stability problem in the debugger.

The idea is to run so-called presenters in the debugged program. The presenter will describe how the values are going to be handled in the debugger
  • how they are going to be written and
  • how they are going to be expanded
So the presenters is invoked in a dedicated thread while the program is otherwise suspended in a breakpoint.

But it is rather difficult to run code in the program when the other threads have been suspended, because these threads may hold a lock that is also required by the presenter-thread. And since a suspended thread will not release any locks the presenter-thread may be blocked until the program is again resumed.

We are currently working on a "controlled thread resume strategy" which will be used to unblock the presenter-thread. We will release, when that is implemented (provided that it solves the problem).