Reading and using various image files

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Ferenc Nagy
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Reading and using various image files

Unread post by Ferenc Nagy » 3 Jul 2016 17:49

You have sent me an answer how can I save screen pictures image files in small formats like JPG, PNG.
How can I read such files for the simple windowGDI instead of complicated gdiPlus? I'd like to display them add some more rectangles, polygons and circles to them then save the result.
In general, is it allowed to mix wdowGDi and gdiPlus graphica prdicates for the same rectangle of a window?
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Unread post by drspro2 » 4 Jul 2016 9:39

hi, maybe this is usefull, i have used this recently

first i load the image in GdiPlus (dont forget to initialize gdi)

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 trap(_Xpi = gdiplus_native::gdipLoadImageFromFile(Fn, Pict),_,fail),
-- then further on i use this to convert this image to normal vpi image
the normal pict should arrive in the Np

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_Wi = gdiplus_native::gdipGetImageWidth(Pict,Width),   _Hi = gdiplus_native::gdipGetImageHeight(Pict,Height),   Opp = Width * Height,  Opp < 900000,  % beveiliging   %786432   Pw = vpi::pictOpen(rct(0,0,Width,Height)),   HDC = vpi::winGetNativeGraphicContext(Pw, IsReleaseNeeded),   _ = gdiplus_native::gdipCreateFromHDC(HDC, Graphics), _Xpaqqq =  gdiplus_native::gdipDrawImage(Graphics,Pict,0,0),  Np = vpi::pictClose(Pw),

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