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Documentation of the list box controls

Posted: 4 Sep 2015 3:39
by Ferenc Nagy
Where can I find a documentation about the properties of the ListBox controls?
I am confused, what is the VScroll and what is the VerticalScroll property.
When do I see one item when do I see more? Which property setting is responsible for it?

Posted: 4 Sep 2015 8:24
by CalmoSoft
Hi Ferenc,

See the next: ... Validation

Gal Zsolt
(~ CalmoSoft ~)

It is another cup of tea

Posted: 4 Sep 2015 11:03
by Ferenc Nagy
You have not answered my question.
The validation is another cup of tea than the lookout of the list boxes.
I am going to return to validation of Tabbed Dialogs in a later thread.