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Visual Prolog and Windows XP

Posted: 4 Jan 2015 2:49
by PYB
Hi there,

Wich is the latest release of Visual Prolog that work with Windows XP ?

I hope it's not 7.3 because my old Personal activation key doesn't seem to work anymore, I receive a message like ' No more activation for that release ' or something like that.

I have tried version 7.5 but it spoiled my installation by chance I have a good backup program and was able to restore everything. There was no warning, nothing during installation !!! I received an Error 2908 dialog from the installation program and could not terminate the installation then Microsoft Word 2007 could not be started after that.

There is nothing about requirements on the download page

I searched on the Visual Prolog web site and found a page with the supported OS and Windows XP was not is the list. I can't find that page anymore. THAT INFORMATION SHOULD BE ON THE DOWNLOAD PAGE IN RED. The installation program should check for the Windows version before trying to install anything even if Windows XP is no longer supported.

Thank you, bye.

Re: Visual Prolog and Windows XP

Posted: 4 Jan 2015 13:15
by Harrison Pratt
I am using VIP 7.5 CE on WinXP SP3 and previously was using VIP 7.5 PE on the same computer without problems. Installation went smoothing for 7.5 PE and later for CE. I am using the full MS Office 2003 suite and had no problems with VIP corrupting that installation.

From time to time I have some file-locking issues that occur with real-time virus scanning by McAfee Security Center (and possibly the Genie real-time backup software I am using). If I temporarily suspend real-time virus scanning the problem goes away.

Of course, I have not explored all the nooks and crannies of VIP 7.5 yet so there may be some "gotchas" that I haven't encountered.

I do find it slightly annoying that EVERY project on the VIP project selection menu list ends up on my Recent Documents list even though I have not opened those projects in weeks. I can mitigate that by removing inactive Projects (right-click) from the Project Selection list.
PYB wrote:Hi there,
Wich is the latest release of Visual Prolog that work with Windows XP ?

Posted: 4 Jan 2015 14:58
by PYB
I use Microsoft MSE as the anti virus program and Acronis as the backup program I have the FRENCH release of Windows XP with SP3.

I tried the installation twice with a full partition restoration before each try and Word was working perfectly before each try.

I have attached some screen snapshots.

What error code 2908 means ?

I will try again taking note of what happen, I think the first installation went well it is when I tried to update 7.5 to 7.501 that the problem occured. I didn't check if Word was working immediatly after installing 7.5 will see next time, not sure of the sequence of actions I did.

Hum, the attached snapshots didn't showed but I saw them in the preview mode ? How do we embedded jpg image ?

Thank you, bye

Posted: 4 Jan 2015 20:27
by Thomas Linder Puls
Normally, images will appear if they appear during preview, perhaps you can try once more?

Microsoft have stopped the support of Windows XP, and so have we. But I believe that most things will actually continue to work on XP.

Posted: 5 Jan 2015 2:47
by PYB
Ok what I found is this

1- Installing and uninstalling vip7402pe.msi or vip7501pe.msi will generate the Word 2007 problem

2- Trying to reinstall VIP after uninstalling will generate the error 2908 Dialog, impossible to quit I must terminate the program with the Task Manager

P.S. The text in the images description was too long that's why it was not added to the discussion.

Posted: 5 Jan 2015 9:26
by Thomas Linder Puls
Searching for "error 2908" gives a lot of hits concerning Office (many various versions). Most suggestions have to do with updating/reinstalling .net (maybe removing .net 2.0).

This concerns office 2003, but the suggestions from people related to office 2007 (and 2010) sounds the same.

I am not sure why the error comes when installing Visual Prolog (it is most likely the MILHTMLParser.dll which is a .net thing).

Posted: 5 Jan 2015 16:57
by PYB
There is a problem with Windows XP. I can install it without problem but just ounce if I uninstall it and then try to reinstall it the problem will appear.

Thank you, bye.

Posted: 12 May 2016 15:13
by PYB

I have the Sandboxie utility here so I ran the installation program vip7502pe.msi inside the sandbox.

I was able to make a copy the installation folder then I just added a shortcut to Vip.exe

It is working, there is certainly some files association not working but for testing little program it is ok.

Thank you, bye.

Posted: 15 May 2016 22:17
by Thomas Linder Puls
You can restore the file associations from the IDE: Help -> Restore File Associations...

Posted: 15 May 2016 22:51
by PYB

Thank you Thomas.

You are incredibly active on this forum you are answering all the discussions.