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parser generator

Posted: 1 Aug 2014 17:18
by drspro2
in Vip7.5 i see the *parser generator* example project.

should this project start using the new built in predicates of the PFC ScannerSupport?

I mean i try to understand when to use the new PFC ScannerSupport


Posted: 4 Aug 2014 11:56
by Thomas Linder Puls
We do not intend to make such an update. In fact, we will retire the current parser generator example.

We are in the process of changing the parser and scanner in the compiler from C/C++ to Prolog. The PFC scanner and parser support is created for that purpose, and in the $(Prodir)\vip directory there are packages for a new parser generator (a new-style Parser Generator project will follow). The new parser generator will eventually be integrated into the IDE and applied automatically in the build process.

Posted: 22 Aug 2014 10:26
by drspro2
great, thankyou for the information