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AI interface looking for help

Posted: 8 Jul 2014 5:08
by strongheart2014
dear sir,

i am looking for help
how create a language interface window like robot program
you type in command in textin box ,result showed in textout box ,
i can write dos program , cant write window program ,
i want you can help make this prj ,so later people who start learn vp can make program not just run in dos ,dos program cant be accepted by user
you help make this module like this easy win , program can run in this easy win not in dos
so it can be published,be used
anyone who intersted in, join me ,we made this program :
i sale the program in my country ,work will get paid

mr Thomas
can you help ,
lots of new vp user can only write dos program ,cant write windows program,
hope you make this easy robot win ,
help all low level vp user ,

Posted: 15 Jul 2014 1:01
by Thomas Linder Puls
Please see the wiki: Category:GUI.

And the tutorial Fundamental Visual Prolog - GUI.