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Print list without recursive form

Posted: 3 Apr 2014 3:30
by Miguelags
Hello community VIP

I'm trying to print elements without recursive form, this is my little code in mode console

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implement main     open core   class predicates    print_one:(string*)determ. clauses     run():-         console::init(),         succeed(),         print_one(["frank","leonard","Tedd"]). % place your own code here :cry:           print_one([]):-!.         print_one([I1, I2, I3]):-               stdIO::write(I1), _ = stdIO::readChar(). end implement main
this code shows one error, someone could help me to solve this.


Posted: 3 Apr 2014 6:39
by Tonton Luc

Try to replace :

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print_one([I1, I2, I3]):-
by :

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in your code.

All terms at the same time

Posted: 3 Apr 2014 16:39
by Miguelags

Posted: 4 Apr 2014 14:13
by Paul Cerkez

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 print_one([]):-!.         print_one([I1, I2, I3]):-               stdIO::write(I1), _ = stdIO::readChar().

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 print_one([]):-!.         print_one([I1|T]):-               % process first item in list               stdIO::write(I1) = stdIO::readChar(), % I don't understand what this is trying to do.  Are you trying to output a list item and then have the user enter it back in and test if they match or are you trying to pass the list item value to another predicate?               % pass the rest of the list back to this predicate.               print_one(T).  % this will allow N list entries to process.

Posted: 6 Apr 2014 2:06
by Miguelags

Thanks for read my post and your help.
Certainly, your prediction is correct, actually I need to send or pass four parameters, from one predicate to another (just 5 predicates, like overloading) and then return a result (phrase), depending of the parameters sent (as a parameter list).

Because this, I need to pass the parameters and use all them at the same time, and no recursively.

I need one example with these characteristics.

I appreciate your help, or any solution.


Posted: 6 Apr 2014 9:28
by Thomas Linder Puls
The problem with your code is that you only handle lists of certain lengths: empty and with three elements. But your code must handle all lists to be a procedure.

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clauses     print_one([I1, I2, I3]) :-         !, % lists of length 3         ... % do something       print_one(L) :-         % lists of other lengths         ... % optionally do something