use object in class

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use object in class

Unread post by hadiranji » 29 Jan 2014 21:16

i write a program to calculate path between edges but i can't return value to editbox and only i write in command windows !
how can do it ?

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connected(Window,X,Z):-edge(X,Z,L),L>"0", draw(Window,X,Z),nVal:=nVal+toterm(L), stdio::write(X, " to ",Z," by weight ", L," all ",nVal,"\n"),!.   connected(Window,X,Z):-edge(X,Y,L),L>"0", connected(Window,Y,Z),nVal:=nVal+toterm(L), stdio::write(X, " to ",Y," by weight ", L," all ",nVal,"\n"), %edit18_ctl:setText(tostring(L)), draw(Window,X,Y),!.   connected(_Window,_X,_Y).

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